Wild Island Forest Academy is an academic facility for elementary aged children from 5 to 12. At Wild Island Forest Academy, children will learn experientially by engaging in practical, hands-on activities and play. Students and staff alike will make deep connections with the Earth by spending most of our time learning outside – in all weather – all year long. As a result, children learn critical life skills while developing emotional and social intelligence within a natural environment.

Like other schools, Wild Island Forest Academy will close upon inclement weather as determined by the Newfoundland and Labrador Eastern School District. Wild Island Forest Academy is unique in its structure of small, multi-aged classes, a high educator:student ratio, inquiry-based learning, and the seamless integration of Newfoundland curriculum outcomes.

The licensed teacher will be responsible for each child’s meeting of these outcomes and our team of facilitators will assist in carrying out daily lessons as per the instruction of the teacher.