“The girls are having the BEST time at camp. Thanks for all of your hard work in getting this program running. It is fabulous!”

“Lauren loves it so much. She’ll be thrilled to continue all summer thanks so much!”

“I was reluctant to register my 3-year-old in the program, just because she tends to be shy and I wasn’t sure she would be comfortable. She loves it! Comes home every day with wonderful stories about “forest school” and can’t wait to go the next morning. The staff are wonderful and make her feel very comfortable. So happy to have found this program!”

“My 3 yr old started Wild Island on Monday. Today was only her second day and the growth is already evident!! She found some old man’s beard moss and got her grandad to store it somewhere dry so they could make a fire later. Then she asked me to watch her “demonstrate my new skills” which consisted of dancing with sticks. Then she asked her dad to go hunting. “For what?” “Oh, any animals we can find. Maybe a bear!” She seems to be loving the program!! And this is a kid I was worried wouldn’t leave my side. Thanks to the great staff and program!!”

“They look like they are having a time! I was hesitant about the rain but clearly, you guys thrive against the elements!”