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We have received approval in principle from the Department of Education to get Wild Island Forest Academy, a registered non-profit school, up and running providing we secure a suitable location. We have recently found a very promising location and received approval from the town of Portugal Cove to plant our roots there. It is a 3-acre piece of land that will provide lots of natural elements for children to explore, experiment, play, learn, and design in. It will also be home to our green house and chicken coop. Most learning and exploration will take place outdoors in a natural setting. There is also a 1200 square foot building on site where we will convene throughout the day  for various endeavours such as:

·        formulate plans for the day
·        write about our experiences (journals and/or blogs)
·        draw up blueprints of structures we plan to build
·        create maps of places we have explored
·        write out and test recipes using our grown vegetables
·        conduct water related science experiments in our three industrial stainless steel sinks
·        curl up with a good book or listen to a friend tell a story
·        edit videos, code, travel the world via Google Earth
·        host readers theaters/plays on our stage
·        skype with other Forest Schools from around the world
·        build and experiment with found objects from nature in a controlled environment
·        hold daily meetings (circle time)
·        cook nutritious meals
·        washrooms

It is beyond time we offer alternative schooling to the children of NL. Wild Island Forest Academy will meet the children where they are and work to connect them back with nature. Now more than ever, we need our youth to understand their relationship with the environment to better prepare them for the future. We would be ever so grateful if you would help us along in our journey. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime!